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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tweak, tweak, tweak some more.

The title describes the last couple days.

-The bonus pop-ups are now outlined black, by drawing the text content twice, offset by a pixel -1/-1 and +1/+1. Then the show text is drawn on top of that. Done to make them stand out a bit better. A little before/after below.

-Destroy Ol' Humpy crave rewards you with Magnet Mouth. Before it was a random power-up, but killing him first isn't exactly easy, what with the dolphins and orca on you. So at least Magnet Mouth will make it easier to eat the bonus food afterward. Hell, if you do manage to kill Humpy first, catching the other mammals won't be too hard, for 10 seconds anyway :P.

-Pain Crave requirements have been lowered to reflect the damage one would sustain in the process. No longer will you need to stick your face into 3 explosions, no sir. One will do. Also, Pain Craves won't crop up if you have under 30 HP.

-If you hit Frenzy or are in a Frenzy when you score a Combo Meal Extension bonus, the frenzy meter will be frozen, keeping the Combo Meal bonus alive until the timer runs down. Before, Frenzies would kill any Combo Meal bonus at Frenzy end to tally up bonus points.

-Stage 9 is now shorter, by 240 pixels. The issue was enemies being too spread out.

This is all set to test some more, make sure it all works good. Thanks to Jay for continuing to run it through it's paces with me.

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