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Monday, March 22, 2010

A Good Mountain?

No, it's a Bad Mountain! At least that's what I'm refering to this new game as. If the name is not taken by the time this is further underway, I'll go with it. Here's some crap from my overview document, regarding the player and their actions.

Sneaking is used to move without alerting certain monsters to your location. There may be certain terrain types that produce different outcomes given the speed of your movement.
Control - Analogue stick covers this. Keyboard control will require function keys in addition to movement keys.

-Dig with a Pickaxe-
Used to dig out obstacles(rock,dirt) or strike enemies. This method is much quieter than using explosives, but can take longer. Default Pickaxe has unlimited use.
Control - Button press.

-Drop/Throw Explosive(dynamite)-
Use dynamite(etc.) to blow up obstacles or enemies. This method is powerful and dangerous, but fast. It also has the added risk of causing cave-ins. Default Dynamite has unlimited use, the time it take to lay one stick is restricted.
Control - Button press will drop the dynamite in front of you. Holding the button will charge a throw, let go to release it. the longer you hold, the further the throw. Be careful as the dynamite is lit, don't let it blow up in your face.

-Turn On/Off Light source-
If the player has aquired a light source(torch/glow worm) they can hold it in their off hand, or pack it away.
Control - Button Press to swap on/off, hold button down while on to drop/throw similar to dynamite.

Used to activate certain things in the environ, talking, picking up a special item, etc.
Control- Button, behavior my vary given the circumstance.

-Swap Equipment-
There may be more equipment that falls under Pickaxe/Explosive/Light that the player can store and use at anytime. Swap them out for when the need arises.
Control- Undecided. On a controller it may be the shoulder buttons swapping in a forward or backward manner for each action type. Keyboard, could be hotswapped with number keys as well as the controller method.

Player may encounter characters that will talk or sell items, powerups.
Control- See Action. Shopping will have the player selecting from stock to purchase.

-Pick up, Drop, Throw Big Item-
There may be large objects in the environment that the player can manipulate, like a box, or a fungus. The player can only move while doing this, and their speed may be affected.
Control - See Action. Dropping/Throwing the item would function the same as throwing dynamite.

-Pick up Goodie-
Simply move over top of the item to collect it. This could be gold, bones, gemstones, etc.
Control - Duuurr.

-Check Backpack-
Brings up a screen detailing collected items and tools, selecting them gives a closer view with details on various things, like worth, power, uses, etc.
Control - Controller would be select, keyboard would be any non essential key.

*****Life and Death*****
A tolerence meter of sorts, as in a player gets hit, a bit is shaved off, if they remain out of harms way for a few seconds it starts to regenerate. Of course, if it is depleted, they will die in a horrible fashion depending on what did them in. The player can choose to continue on the same map, but doing so will cost collectables and strip them of their extra items/powerups. They could just hang it up and have their corpse/ghost haunt that stage in future games."

I generally have an overview document that details basics for everything, and then break off with more documents with details if needed. I don't know how the pros do it, but I also work primarily alone(at the moment). I have made an effort to outline more though, as it is a help to keep things organized.

I'm working on documenting different types of destructable walls. I also have a few rough sketches for character and monster ideas, but that comes later.

Got a bit more of one Unity tutorial left, and I've already started going over the script functions and such. Hopefully I can get to prototyping in a week.

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