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Monday, March 1, 2010

Minor Changes

What did I do over the weekend? Chores and a bunch of slacking around.

What did I do today?
I changed the way Doomed enemies occurs. Before, when a Destruction Crave was met, in one step all remaining targets were "doomed", so sometimes there would be no enemies left to doom since some of the bigger things(boats, submarines) only show up one at a time. To fix this, Doomed is now an object that lasts for 10 seconds and will catch multiple instances.
Doing a Combo-Meal Crave now rewards you with extended combo meal time, so rack up the points while you can.

Just remembered I needed to fix something, good going dumbass >:(.

Anyway, this is coming to a close, then round 2 on cutting a demo and all that stuff.

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