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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What a rotten freakin' day.

I have to get this out of the way.

One of our cats, Banjo, was struck down by a vehicle last night. He was one of those loveable goofball types, who'd always accompany me to the bathroom in the morning, rapidly scale trees, play around, and of course cuddle. Got him buried, now just working through the painful void that follows. He was very young, almost a year old. That hurts the most really, knowing all that time we could have had is now gone. His sister(same litter) has been sort of lost today, as they would frequently wrestle, honing their ninja skills. This shit never gets easier. Rest well little buddy.

I made a banner add the other day, which can be seen on the Sweets page(right hand side).

Stage 9 has undergone some population changes at the outset, so the stage doesn't feel empty. All stages have had their border spawn areas drawn in, so enemies aren't to close to the border and just run off when they see you. Also, in a few stages a couple enemies would eventually stop spawning(it was on purpose), now there's at least 3 out on the field. Lastly, changed the bonus tally death penalty to a percentage lost instead of deaths x 1000. Now each death is 1% off your total, this is done to prevent people from going through a stage, dying, continuing, an racking up more points. I think that's it.

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