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Monday, June 21, 2010

Where'd Friday go?

Had a busy weekend with family, didn't really have the time to work in a video. So it's Monday!

I've done some gameplay tweaks to YGTS, blocks that come down on your head will now deal you damage and break if they pin you, I still have to make the "Ouch my effin noggin'!" animation for it. I've also set up a sample stage 1 to test out the falling block aspect, I need to get an enemy in there to test that out as well.

Since last Wednesday I've gotten a few animation done for Contrasaurus, namely the soldier death and soldier bit in half. It's not that gory, which is a change for me, I would have geysered that stuff, rainbow(all red) even! Today I worked on a style sheet for the Contrasaur himself. It's got 3 different designs with 3 different color patterns and a couple hue swaps.

So the client looks it over and tells me what they like from where, and then I make up a new one which should be close to OR the final design. I don't think Tyranobee is a very strong contender, but I may use that myself somewhere down the road.


  1. I like #3. Just my 2 cents of course. Awesome work bud.

  2. Thanks man! My personal fave is #2, for it's proportions.