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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Contrasaur ready to animate.

The design is finalized, but before I throw up the final version, here's a few more steps we went through to get him done.

This style sheet here has the features chosen from the first put together. STRd6 wasn't sure about the skin pattern yet, so I had the go ahead to experiment. I looked up various random predatory animals and threw down their looks on the dino.

Number 1 was picked out fo that bunch and refinements were made, as seen in the next sheet. Note the larger eye, smaller brow, smaller calve muscles, rounded knees, straighter back, and less back pattern.

And finally, for my own personal use, a pic of the final design with the basic shapes involved and my process for creating the beast, just to help keep him consistent while animating.

Now, here's some random pics from YGTS. I've got some special effects for when you hit stuff, normal and power. Power punching a row of blocks will transfer the energy to the end block and cause it to move over one square. The same for a power upercut, but to a lesser degree due to gravity. I also fixed the air uppercut to drain power as it hits things, in the same manner that the air faceplant does. Blocks break into pieces now, don't know if that was done for the last post or not.

The end, for now.

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  1. Momma likes! This dude looks like the ace boon coon of dinos. Impressive!