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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Monsta kicks up dust after planting face.

Worked on some more animations today for Contrasaurus, a soldier upper torso shooting animations. You can see some of my animations in their prototype, which is updated frequently. Just use about any browser but IE and it should work.
There is a little green running dino in the first scene, and later bullets, dirt effects, blood effects, spark effects, and some running soldiers.

Got some YGTS work done also. Monsta's power downward attack is done, he plants his face rather hard into the ground, these weak ass pics barely convey the awesome.

This here is what it looks like sorta powered up.

So what it does on ground is damage things below you and spread an effect wave that can do things like pop some poor soul off the ground.

Also did some special effects, like dust puffs from running starts and landing from a jump.

You'll see it all in motion come Friday. Also, IDs rage engine is something.

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