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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stuff gets worked on.

Ok, first off, The Great White Destroyer is now “pay what you want” with a minimum entry of $1. Now I just have to contact every other place the game is for sale at to work it out. Communication, how I loath thee!

Red Ice. I’ve been recently working on the “Hiss” team, you can guess what they’ll look like. Or, just look at some pics. Here’s a concept rough, was working out different patterns and combinations.
Here’s what the Hiss fat guy skater looks like.
Bad Mountain. It’s coming along slowly but surely. I’ve got the first boss functional, he’s got a pool of 15 attacks, 4 of which are randomly chosen for the encounter.

I’ve also gotten the first Quest Room up and running.

The player is treated to some absurd scenario, they go get/do X, bring it back for Y. This quest here is to retrieve “Princess”, a unique cavecoon. If you say yes to that, she shows up somewhere on the first floor. After a fight, pick up her unconscious body and head back to the quest room, where you are rewarded with a special item that’s not on the random drop tables.

Speaking of random drop tables, I did some rework on those. I’ve broken the greater table into smaller tiers to match up with the level structure.

I added a few new items as well. The Pink Bow(previously mentioned quest reward) is a durable head gear that prevents knockouts from cave-ins. Skull Bombs came about from one of the first boss’s attacks. It’s like a regular bomb, but it throws bone chunks outward in 8 directions when it blows up. Flare Bombs aren’t entirely finished, you can guess what they do.

Ok, getting long here. Last but not least, check out Brash Monkey’s Spriter, especially if you’re into 2D art and animation. You bet your ass I’m donating to that endeavor.