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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Friday Bullcrap is Saturday : Back to the Shaft!

Ok, first up is a report on the Trick or Treat sale. There is nothing to report. It still continues until Halloween eve.

Back to You Got The Shaft. No video since my work on it this week is all just art, so I'll post it for ya! Been working on that mini-boss from the first stage, I have 4 of his animations completed so far.

His name is Crapmunch, he eats crap with his shovel. A rundown of those anims.
-#1 is a prefight idle, he's chawing on poo. It's a pretty simple squishy animation.
-#2 is also prefight, he's shoveling some more stuffs into his mouth. You'll notice his arm stretches out there, anatomy can take a back seat on this one.
-#3 is an intro of sorts, he turns to face Monsta when he gets close.
-#4 is a combat idle, I will be a tad slower in game than in that gif.

I've got a handfull more to do, hopefully they can be wrapped up this next week sometime.

Everyone have a safe Halloween!

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