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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spear Rear, and other non-clever names.

Yeah, just a sound effect and extra testing to do.

The last couple days have seen the addition of power-up rewards, so a lot of number tweaking and code adds. Boooooooorrriinnnngg. Let's talk about the power-ups, or a few of them anyway.

Big Mouth - It doubles the size of your bite hitbox(sphere). You can chew more things this way.

Spear Rear - Every thrash of your tail shoots out spears! Use them to kill many enemies, then eat their corpses.

Shocking - Bolts of electricity randomly fly off your body, pretty much splatting anything they hit.

Mouth'splode - Everytime you bite down, explosions fly forth.

There are others besides these, like Poison or Magnet mouth. Poison just, well, poisons all the enemies. Magnet mouth stuns and slowly draws edibles toward your mouth. These all last for 10 seconds and are random rewards for fullfilling a Pain Crave.

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