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Friday, February 19, 2010

New blog ACTIVATE! The Great White Destroyer v1.1

I saw my mother tooling around with this here blogger, decided it looked nice and easy, so here I am.

Now, I released version 1 of The Great White Destroyer last month. So far I've gotten a few reviews, which is nice, but I'm still pretty much an unknown. I'll be smacking up reviewers again when version 1.1 is complete, as well as contacting some distribution services. My thanks to the people who gave it a look, Play This Thing, and PC Games and Reviews. Thanks also to The Freelance Astronauts, I heard a name drop during last weekends Red Factioning, totally caught me off guard. I tried piping up in the chat but it moves at 1000 mph. Thanks guys.

Ok, TGWD version 1.1. The controls are much simpler and responsive now. Gone are the finger ravaging speed click, it's simply hold left, right, or both. Also added is a "Crave", basicaly during the stage Carhtoothus will crave a certain act of destruction. You get bonus points for fullfilling these, and a power up/event if you max it out. Example, Carhty wants 5 Croakers destroyed, you have 20 seconds to do it in. You kill one, gain bonus points equal to the time left, the timer increases by 1/4th it's start. You kill off four more, maxing out the crave, your reward, all remaining Croakers become doomed and die in 5 sec, giving you even more points. Visuals? Ok.

This next shot shows the alert that lets you know what bonus you've gotten.

I've got maybe another week of work to wrap this, hopefully most of it will be testing and tweaking. I guess I'll pretty up this blog too, sometime.

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