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Monday, August 22, 2011

Convert long term.

Ok, first off, new build of Convert.

Second, new video.

Ok, what I’m going to talk about here is future gameplay plans for this thing. Basically how it’s slated now is there are 7 major areas in the game, stage 1-1 through 1-5 are in one of these. The first 4 of these areas are to primarily warm the player up to the different units and their uses, as well as challenge them to overcome natural obstacles. After that 4th area, the Gromm show up, the game shifts into a territorial defense/offense deal, where instead of simply fighting nature, the player is pitted against a force like theirs that can change and adapt. Here’s a breakdown.

-Once Gromm are encountered, Conquest and Defense missions become active. The player also gains access to NPC commanders who have different behaviors and preferences.

-When the player captures their first Factory territory, Resource missions become available. Manufacturing can then be used to enhance structure and unit abilities globally and build more structures.

-Each “round”, the Gromm attack any stage the player controls. The player can choose to defend it themselves, or assign an NPC commander to the task. Assigning an NPC frees them up to take a different mission this “round”.

This all goes on until the player gets far enough into enemy territory to trigger a certain event, I’ll cover that late stuff, well, later. Instead, here’s a short description for the mission types mentioned above.

Conquest - Just like a regular mission, only you’re taking territory from Gromm, who start out at an advantage.

Defense(Incursion) - The Gromm attack one of your territories away from the front line. You are at an advantage.

Defense(Invasion) - These occur on front line territories, basically you have to survive massive waves of Gromm units for a certain period of time.

Resource – More player vs nature mostly, but with a time limit and no HQ. Collect as many resources as you can!

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