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Monday, July 11, 2011

Convert Feedback

This here blog page thing is reserved for feedback on Convert!

Just leave a comment and I'll get to it shortly, unless I'm dead, then I'll get to it never.


  1. Hi there, tried your last version with the new graphics and tilesets and it's really looking great!
    The game's really interesting and I'll keep watching its progression very closely. ;)
    Thanks for the good time!

  2. Thanks nm! More on Monday, some new stages and enemies/obstacles.

  3. Hey Convert is looking great! I always loved the idea of sideview strategy games. Can't wait for your next update!
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks much Anonymous. This next update only has some additional graphics and a few other tweaks. The art bug bit me. Add in some back pain and I didn't get as much done as I'd have liked this week.

  5. I beat all levels already and even found a secret in that cave level! :D
    Loved the bosses and how every level is so different.
    My one and only suggestion, add an interface with a blue bar to show your energy. Those numbers are very difficult to see against a dark background. :P

  6. Okkwogg, thank you very much man, glad you're enjoying it so far. Yes, I am going to put an energy bar at the top left, visually in theme with the player units, blue energy with some gold trim, or some kind of device stuff. That, the mouse cursor, and other user interface stuff has crossed my mind. After I get this one stage(3-1) complete I'll do something about the energy bar, it won't be much work.

  7. That sounds great, I'll be looking forward to your next version! ;)