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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend update, mostly Convert.

Convert prototype is what I'm calling it at the moment. That little experiment I started last week. I liked what was going on with it so I dumped the Backyard Ninja avatar and went with a proper control scheme.

Presentation wise, this is bare bones, all placeholder art, just the gameplay itself. Genre wise I think it falls somewhere between tower defense and an rts. I'm putting it up for free for people to try out. There's only 3 stages at the moment, I'll be adding more every week. When I get all the gameplay elements represented I'll consider turning it into a full game, art, music, all that jazz. Until I get a proper link on my webpage, use the one below.

Convert prototype file

Feel free to leave feedback here, or drop me an email, .

The Great White Destroyer News, no work to show this time around. I am devising a sale for next month however, more info on that later this week.

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