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Sunday, June 19, 2011

No video, only this blog post.

Rats and crap turds! I've simply been too worn out these last few weekends for the video bullcraps. So here I am, posting some update stuff about a few things.

The Great White Destroyer ver 1.4, it keeps on rolling. Here's the rub since last time.

The Gun Cops are the first line of assault and only show up after Shark is caught breaking the law. They'll close in and begin firing slowly, and will reload when out of bullets. That's your chance to rush in and disarm them, or eat them, whatever.

Shotty Cops are a lot like Gun Cops in behavior, with a few differences. They're slower, and like to get a little closer before shooting. They fire spreads of bullets naturally, but unnaturally the bullets travel slower than normal.

I love the name Swat Cop! Trained in the art of Three Shot Burst, as to be deadly and quick. These guys not only shoot Shark with their cool auto-rifles, but sport some tear gas as well.

As you can see, to save some time I re-used some art from the other fish and added to them. It works out very well, they look great in action. Next up I'll be working on the law escalation system, sorta like the Grand Theft Auto thing. Instead of it resetting every time you evade the law like in GTA, it continues to increase unless you avoid breaking the law for a while, or take a day off, or wear a disguise, but more on those mechanics at a later date. Plus, lets all shoot Shark!

Hellhol news, there is none. The game is not forgotten, I've just been busy.

Free Stuff will get a few more bits sometime tomorrow. That crappy Fall/Winter tileset will get on there, as well as another character from the defunct Snowball's Chance 2.

Backyard Ninja Adventures I'm toying around with this freebie game here where I showcase different game mechanics in a 2D sidescrolling fashion. This thing here is a take on one of the first games I piddled around with, dealing with taking territory by directing flows of units who behaved in predictable patterns. Anyhow, I'll probably make a few stages based on it and put it out there, see what people think. More at a later date.

Thanks for stopping by.

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