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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sounds sorted, now achievements.

Right, got The Great White Destroyer sounds sorted out. All the music has been converted to mp3, except for the frenzy tracks, left them wav for fading purposes. I think this led to the game running much smoother in some areas, even when testing in debug mode it's faster than before. The ram needed to run the game has also decreased to around .6gig instead of 1.5gig. Also got the game displaying for 1024x768, by using the view port settings. Everything is still 800x600, it just get's blown up.
[EDIT] Forgot to mention that the game loads up in around 30 seconds now, holy cow! It used to be anywhere from 1:30 to 3 for some people.

On to the achievements! I've never been a big fan of these but they are a central part of gaming now. I have a list of them with quasi-clever names and descriptions. A few examples would be...

-Right back at ya! = Destroy L. Sharkburn's boat with his own dynamite.
-Manfisher = Knock a swimmer onto a fishing hook.
-5Cent Bulletproof? = Get shot by Lil' Snips 5 times before killing Big Snips.

Stuff like that, I think there's 72 listed at the moment. So I have to come up with a place in game to scope these out, make some art, get it coded. That's what's up for next week.

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