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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Achievement art continued.


I've got 24 more to go, 9 of those are just the same images with higher numbers in front so they don't really count. Maybe another day and a half of work. Then it's onto coding the stuff and testing, which I'm looking forward to.


That's my way of saying Thanksgiving was awesome as usual, good family and good food. Now the toilet will feast on my holiday dumps from now 'til mid January!

Also, The Great White Destroyer is on sale at GamersGate now, until the first week of January. The discount will vary, right now it's 40% off.

ALSO also, if you happen to have some commercial indie games and would like to contribute to a fatass compilation video of commercial indie games, check out Pixel Prospector for the dealio. I have to get in gear and submit some myself. The deadline is Dec. 12th, so get movin'!

That's it for now.

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